Mornings with Lexi

Every now and then I'll link up with a new model and the entire shoot turns out as something pleasantly surprising.  This was one of those times.  Lexi and I had a few mutual friends and ended up connecting with each other through some ridiculous Twitter convos.  I'm extremely grateful for our sarcastic attitudes towards things.  After I noticed her posting up some past modeling photos, I reached out to her about making a shoot happen in the near future...Luckily, she was all about it.  

We met in the Belltown neighborhood in Downtown Seattle at this awesome vintage apartment building. It was one of those super rare 90+ degree Seattle Summer days, so I wasn't sure how great shooting on the top floor of this old ass building would be...Fortunately, the owner had AC, so we didn't suffer from a heat stroke or anything.  The title may be a little misleading since it was actually late afternoon when we got started.  Nevertheless, the super harsh sunlight coming through the windows definitely gives the set an early morning sunrise type vibe though.

I was blown away with how quickly she and I clicked.  I felt like each photo we took just kept getting better and better.  After the first look, I knew we were going to have a great shoot from start to finish.  The set below was the second or third look we shot and it was definitely one of my favorites.

I'm really big on getting strong eye contact with the model whenever I shoot.  The kind of images where you FEEL something from the photos.  Everything about Lexi is easy on the eyes, but some of these shots really blew me away.  I've been focusing on surrounding myself with good people, so working with Lexi was an extremely refreshing experience.  

Don't be surprised to see a lot more of her in the future...