Film Session with Caila

Enthusiastic might be the best word to describe Caila.  She's an absolutely beautiful girl with a lot of substance that goes beyond what you can only see from the outside.  She and I originally linked up for a shoot with a local clothing brand and had a pretty awesome time working together.  We stayed in touch and started planning for our next photoshoot just a couple of weeks later and below are the results of one of the looks we did.

I had a nice vintage apartment rented for the day in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle.  It was simple, bright, and we both mentioned how cool of a spot it would be to call home.  The wood floors creaked and the walls were covered in thick layers of white paint, obvious signs of a place with stories and lots of character.  There were windows all around that let in a lot of beautiful natural light which I tend to be a big fan of whenever I shoot.

I knew I wanted to go for something with an "over the top" high-end sexiness to it and luckily Caila read my mind.  She had pulled the outfit out on the bed and to be honest, I wasn't sure about how well it was going to work...Let's just say I shouldn't have been skeptical.  When I uploaded these photos I decided to edit them with the VSCO film pack for Lightroom and I think they came out pretty well.  I hope you all enjoy the set.