Hollywood Hideout with Claudia

For the second time in a year, I was graced with the presence of some of my favorite people in that I've had the pleasure of working with.  Claudia and Siman had planned this trip down to the LA/Hollywood area a little while ago and I was looking forward to connecting with them on another amazing shoot while they were here.  We ended up hanging out quite a bit and even explored some of the LA nightlife while they were in town!  The whole experience was great and definitely just continued on from the last time they were both here earlier in the year.

When I arrived to Claudia's AirBnB for this shoot it was tough to figure out if walking through the door had sent me back in time somehow.  It had such a cool, classic, and rich Hollywood glam feel to it and apparently I wasn't the only person that got that vibe from it!

The main living area of the location was filled with windows and let in a generous amount of natural light.  White wood framed windows connected to the exposed brick wall which flowed into the glossy dark hardwood floors.  The morning we shot the sun decided to stay hidden behind a cloudy sky, so the light wasn't exactly ideal...regardless, I made things work by experimenting with various different camera settings until I found the "perfect" combo.

I already knew I wanted the photoset to have sort of glamorous feel to it based on seeing the location before.  Siman styled Claudia and the setting perfectly.  I had no doubts that they would create something on such a high level.  The silver dress was absolutely made for Claudia and vice versa.  It collected so many highlights and shadows which absolutely took the entire feel of the photos to the next level.

The thing I enjoy most about working with Claudia is how effortless she makes taking a strong photo feel.  I swear she just turns into a different person in front of the camera...the professionalism she has is second to none!  And, now here we are, with yet another one of my personal favorite sets that I've ever shot.

Model - @claudiabakehouse

Styling - @styledbysiman

Brand - @revossafashion