Malibu Morning with Ash

Growing up, I always pictured Malibu, California as a huge beach with blue skies, surfers everywhere, and ice cream stands...When I moved to California and made my first trip there I quickly realized how wrong I was!  Most of the coast line in Malibu are cliffs with beautiful houses perched atop them.  I imagine waking up to the views the homeowners have is something next level.  While I've generally visited and it's been beautiful, the day that Ash and I decided to head out for a photoshoot we weren't as lucky.  Fortunately, the grey skies weren't much of a match for how awesome Ash and I made things look.

We met up at my place in the late morning after and the skies were already grey.  I was hopeful that they'd burn off in the hour it would take for us to get out to the coast, but that wasn't the case.  Luckily, this meant the beach would be a little less crowded than normal which would make shooting a bit easier.  We traveled down the rocky dirt path along the cliffs and eventually got to some wooden stairways that led down to the beach.  The smell of salt in the air and the sound of waves crashing along the shore reminded me a lot of when I was a kid growing up in Florida.  We walked down the beach a little ways and eventually found a nice spot with some beautiful overgrown plants, a rock wall, and enough light to start shooting.  

I have to make sure to thank Tina from @poolsidejunkies for the awesome swimwear we used for a couple of the looks!  I had seen some of Ash's past swimwear work and knew we were going to end up with some pretty amazing photos.  The images started looking great right from the beginning and just kept getting better.  We moved all over the beach to capture different looks and perspectives.

The set below is just one of the looks we did, so make sure to follow and check out @ashtabor and myself @jswainphoto on IG to see some of the other looks in the future.  Make-up by Kelly from the @beautybybonbon team.  As always, enjoy!