Burning Up with Piper

Something is only ever new once, the same can be said for meeting somebody for the first time.  I spent last week visiting family and friends in Seattle and had time for a few shoots as well.  Piper was somebody that I connected with via social media with about a year ago...around the same time I decided to move to LA, so a shoot was something we constantly tried to figure out.  After enough talk we decided to make things happen.  We had mutual interest in connecting and creating something together that would be fun and new for both of us.  She expressed how excited she was for meeting and finally getting in front of my camera a couple of times in the two weeks leading up to our shoot which made me confident about how well it would go.

I checked into the location we used about an hour and a half before she arrived...I'll have to let you guys ask her why she was late (ps, it was worth the wait!)  Luckily, the rain clouds decided to go away right when she arrived and we started to get some beautiful natural light coming in from all directions.  The location seemed to be some sort of dance or art studio before being turned into a large open floor plan apartment.  It had all kinds of cool vintage furniture and tons of plants which engulfed the entire place with a very bohemian vibe.  

I decided it'd be best to keep things simple with a more home-y yet realistic inspired style with her outfit.  We focused in on this big comfy couch surrounded by huge windows and curtains to really amplify everything.  Once we started shooting I was quickly blown away at how naturally Piper took direction.  She moved so effortlessly in front of the camera and totally fell into the vision we talked about.  I didn't want every single shot from this to be perfectly posed, or staged looking.  Needless to say, she went above and beyond my expectations.

I purposely shot a bit under exposed in order to capture the shadows that the window light was providing in each frame.  Once I uploaded the images onto my Mac, I decided I wanted to add a "burnt film" or "light leak" to the photos I had selected and edited.  This is something new that I decided to experiment with and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the results.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the set.